Why Are Americans More Likely To Be Obese?

Have you ever noticed that Americans seem to have a problem with obesity? It’s true, it seems that Americans as a population tend to be heavier than other nationalities. Why is that?



Americans are asking themselves the same question, with interesting results. It seems that in some ways, American history is to blame. Americans in general were, and are, looking for the biggest bang for the buck, and that goes for everything they purchase – even food. Americans are, historically, a people with voracious appetites.

Get Their Money’s Worth


The American ideal was that, finally, people could get what they earn. That made them rather particular about where their money went. With an authentic, dynamic middle class, the U.S. had an economy built on contributions from a wide range of skills groups. But, regardless of the skills that brought in the money, the goals were the same – to get their money’s worth. As the middle class became the majority, they started eating out more. It started a trend toward larger servings. Whichever restaurant or cafe gave the diner more for their money received the business. After all, why not spend just a little more down the street for twice as much food? Take the leftovers home, and get two meals for your money.

A Commuter Culture


Every nation has their commuters, but in the U.S., commuting is an entire lifestyle. Even in the eastern part of the country, where cities are closer together, driving to work, or taking a subway or bus, takes several hours a week. This creates a double bind that leads to obesity. First of all, it means less physical activity. After all, remember that Americans, for the most part, feel like they have to be productive. And, walking or riding a bike is slower. It is also harder to cover long distances in that way, hence less physical activity. Second, the amount of time spent commuting increases the consumption of fast food, which is very fattening.

Combating Obesity

There are almost as many diets and health spas in the U.S. As there are fast food places. However, one of the most beneficial ways to lose weight is to attend a weight loss retreat. Americans have discovered what other nations already knew – that is is better and more beneficial to break the obesity cycle at a health retreat.

By attending a weight loss retreat, you are removed from the triggers that cause overeating and decreased physical activity. In addition, weight loss retreats usually have onsite chefs who prepare delicious, filling meals. Classes will teach you how to prepare these meals yourself so that you can maintain your new habits. Health retreats also provide structured activities based on the various physical skills and abilities of the people attending.

Unfortunately, Americans are less likely to take holidays. If they would slow down, eat healthier, and attend a weight loss retreat once a year, they wouldn’t  have the obesity problem they have today.

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