The Top 10 Most Expensive and Luxurious Properties In The World

With remortgage deals all but dried up that’s the current property market, in the gloom, and lenders not lending. Here’s a hit parade of the worlds most luxurious properties to re-instill our religion in the property marketplace, or maybe simply to make us all jealous!

The head of Indian conglomerate Reliance Industries, Ambani and his family have various ballrooms, ‘hanging gardens’ and three helicopter pads to call home, a house which stands 570foot, dominating the Mumbai skyline.

Fascinating Fact: they have 600, though it’s not merely Ambani and his family live in staff to keep the ‘house’ in order; they are also on 24 hour call.

2: ‘Villa Leopolda’ Cote d’Azur France:
Villa Leopolda is worth an estimated $ 525 million and is situated on the French Rivera. Edmond Safira, a French banker possessed the property, therefore it is now home to his wife Lily and although he recently passed away. The chateau measures at 80,000 square foot and has 19 bedrooms, a theater room and numerous kitchens and dining rooms. When it was constructed by King Leopold II of Belgium, hence the name the mansion itself has been around since 1902.

Fascinating Fact: You’ve probably seen quite a lot of Villa Leopolda Alfred Hitchcock filmed most of his film To Catch a Thief there.

3: ‘One Hyde Park: The Penthouse’ – London:
Despite being just a little part of a huge retail and residential complex this penthouse suite is deserving of its own star status. Speaking of star status, this special property is a magnet for the high profile people such as stars and wealthy bankers, of our society. Individuals have to be willing to fork out for his or her safety in regards to staying here – The suite is worth around $ 200million.

Fascinating Fact: The penthouses windows are bulletproof, each and every one, making it the third safest dwelling in London, behind Downing St of course and Buckingham Palace.

4: ‘Fairfield Pond’ – The Hamptons:
House to camera bashful billionaire and American Investor Ira Rennert, Fairfield Pond is nothing less than a landmark in the Hamptons. Spreading over a huge sixty-three acres, Fairfield is ranked the largest residential building in the whole North of America. Despite its location, the aesthetics of the property are somewhat Mediterranean with a total of twelve chimneys; adding to its unique nature. Along with multiple indoor and outdoor sports courts, Fairfield Pond also offers an interior bowling alley, twenty nine bedrooms and get this, a sum of thirty-nine toilets! It really is no wonder.

Quirky Fact: Ira Rennert is perhaps most famously known within the media world. Quite exuberant would not you say?

5: ‘Hearst Mansion’ Beverly Hills, California:
Hearst Mansion is a true star within the LA property world, when Beverly Hills is among the most exclusive places on the planet and that’s saying something. Not only was the mansion used as setting for the famous ‘horses-head-in-the-bed’ scene in Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather in 1972, but it was additionally used as the main set place for The Bodyguard (starring Whitney Houston). The house combines into its Beverly Hills surroundings absolutely, spreading over 6 acres, it certainly applies it is dominance within this regions property market that is highly competitive. Hearst has a total of twenty-nine bedrooms and a total of 3 indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Quirky Fact: Hearst’s celebrity status does not quite stop at its characteristic in some of the top pictures of world, oh no! The mansion was even good enough to spend part of his honeymoon there with wife Jacqueline.

6: ‘Franchuk Villa’ – Kensington:
This 5 story property truly functioned as a girl’s prep school up until 1997 when it was converted into a residential building. Its standing price today is estimated at $ 161 million and is home to Ukrainian supports Philanthropist Elena Franchuk (therefore the name). The most recent renovation in 2008 of the property cost a substantial 10million and now the property has a total of 10 bedrooms and numerous other features including a safe panic room.

Unique Fact: The 2008 renovation also saw a substantial restructure of the buildings foundations to integrate a substantially sized basement. To acquire some perspective on the scale of the cellar, here is an enormous pool, what it contains; a screening room, a state of the art fitness center and sauna – I wish I had a cellar of that size! It is, in its individual right, a floor of its own.

Montana, 7: The Pinnacle:
It might ‘only’ have 10 bedrooms, but it is valued at $ 155 million. It’s also a joint possession between Tim and Edra Blixseth, also owners of the billionaires only Yellowstone Club. Doubling up as a golf and ski resort, they’re on keeping it warm in the cold Rockies, every bathroom has its own hearth and if that was not enough every single tile in the area is heated also big. No worries about global warming here it looks.

Quirky Fact: The Pinnacle has numerous toilets, all of which are fitted with fully functional hearths – central heating only is not enough for this prodigal couple!

8: The Manor – Los Angeles:
Positioned at number 8 is among the most quirky & most exciting residential properties that I have ever encounter. Designed and constructed especially for his family and the late Aaron Spelling, the producer’s true creative side certainly shines through. Following his departure though, Cindy has put the property on the market, with a present asking price of $ 150m (catch it whilst you are able to!) So, back to its unique features, here’s only a ‘little’ list of examples: an indoor ice skating rink, a room used limited to wrap gifts, a humidity controlled room to keep jewellery and an entire floor only for Cindy’s clothing! If that was not enough, there are also numerous dining rooms, three kitchens and a total sum of 123 distinct rooms.

Unique Fact:

Windlesham, Surrey:
A third UK entry is Updown Court, a property valued at $ 139 million. It’s a total of 103 rooms, 24 of which are 5 swimming pools, bedrooms and 58 acres of private garden with prestine lawn maintenance and woodland. Taking note In The Pinnacle in Montana, the court even offers a heated marble driveway which partially covers a massive underground garage that may hold up to 8 limos.

Fascinating Fact: Does Updown Court have a larger acreage than Buckingham Palace but it is the biggest private residence to be constructed in the united kingdom during the 19th Century.

The owners of Dracula’s castle, Archduke Dominic Habsburg was definitely enthusiastic to quash any rumour that his citadel was the true inspiration behind Bram Stoker’s novel after turning it. Artefacts relating to the Dracula story either does n’t be held by the museum ; instead it was made in dedication to Queen Marie. Many could argue therefore that this list should n’t be featured on by the fortress at all; after all, it is a residential property. Yet, being priced at around $ 135m and standing proud on 200 feet of stone, I think it definitely deserves a mention. The fortress has a total of 57 rooms, seventeen of which were bedrooms at one point.

Fascinating Fact: Perhaps most notoriously, the property stands on 200ft of rock, and brings over 450,000 tourists every year – A nice little earner for the Archduke wouldn’t you agree?!

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