European Clothing Gaining Popularity In The US

The United States has often found itself in a quandary regarding style, architecture, and art. Perhaps with the advent of jazz, a uniquely American music form, the states began to develop some of their own sense of style. However it cannot be denied that UK and European clothing is still a mainstay in the US, with popularity growing as designers fro “abroad” become more tuned in to American tastes and budgets. Clothing companies such as Cut Loose Clothing are beginning to strike a fine balance between design and taste, and everyone benefits.



Based in the UK, Capri Clothing is one of the fine clothing companies that ships to the United States. Students get a 20% discount with this site, and they have a wide range of clothing that will fit any budget.

Bank Fashion

Bank Fashion is another great clothing store that carries a lot of the most popular designers. You will find DKNY, Puma, and Converse. You can also find some more obscure designers such as Amy Childs. This can amp up your wardrobe with items that no one else has, and make you stand out from your peers.

Dorothy Perkins

Do you ever get tired of the same old selections to wear to work? Then, Dorothy Perkins is the answer for you. This design house provides work day clothes for women who work in the office. You can dress stylishly without having to go outside your comfort level, and still afford the wardrobe.



As with the afore-mentioned designers, Missguided is located in the UK. These clothes are trendy and hot, and quite affordable. For fun clothing, or clothing for the teenage set, consider Missguided, who boasts a catalogue with the majority of items coming in at under $100.

Lipsy London

Right in downtown London is Lipsy London. This haute couture company provides fine fashion for that special first date or anniversary. Are you looking for that “little lack dress?” Well, you’ll find it, and all of the accessories, right here.

Lavish Alice

For a walk on the wild side, consider Lavish Alice. The designs in this brand are tilted toward the unique and different. This is a great resource for those who prefer a more dramatic wardrobe, with accent pieces and signature pieces galore. This is also the place to go for that one unique wardrobe addition you’ve been searching for. They will even help you dress up your blog!

J Lindeberg

Out of Stockholm, you will find J Lindeberg. This designer includes men in their design, dressing men in style for everything from the board room to board shorts. Whether golfing or attending meetings, J Lindeberg can provide stylish clothing that will make you stand out from the crowd.

She Likes

This great company provides everything from party dresses to tank tops. You’ll even find platform heels here. This trendy store offers fresh styles and cute prints, as well as basics to every wardrobe.

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