Bootcamps And Weight Loss In The USA

The television reality show, “The Biggest Loser” has triggered a passion for what some may call “extreme” weight loss challenges. In the United States, this means that many people have joined weight loss boot camps. Whether these are centered at a local gym, neighborhood association, or in coordination with nationwide retreats, the boot camp appears to be here to stay. If you visit one of these facilities, you will find that the U.S. camps are much like a boot camp in the UK.


Why Boot Camp in the UK?

Most people who attend boot camp for weight loss, whether they are in the UK or the US, do so because they want the most dramatic results in the shortest period of time. That is exactly what boot camp is designed for. Participants subject themselves to often grueling physical activities for the purpose of losing weight. They diets are strictly supervised, with attention to low calorie, low fat foods that are also delicious.

Some boot camps are minimalist, in that they go the whole “armed forces” route with lodging and meals. The trainer is more like a master sergeant, pushing you to your limits. Participants sleep on cots in a bunkhouse, go on long runs, and endure all kinds of hardships. Others take a more welcoming approach, some with luxury accommodations and spa amenities to help the participant rest and recover. However, the workouts are still grueling, and you will need that recovery time.

The Biggest Loser Resort

This boot camp retreat is part of the TV show franchise, and blends the aggressive workouts that participants in the show undergo with spa treatments and healthy diet. Participants in this camp will have a personal trainer who coaches them through all-day workouts followed by restorative massages. This type of retreat is geared toward maximum results in the given time.

Green Mountain


In Fox Run, Vermont, you will find the Green Mountain boot camp retreat. This is geared specifically to women, so the exercises and workouts are taught in a way to most benefit women. Since weight loss is so often tied to hormones and illnesses that target the female gender in particular. Women have more trouble losing weight than men do, and often need their exercise and diet to target their own needs rather than a one-size fits all type of regimen. The incredible beauty of the surrounding Green Mountains are inspiring, and give rest to the soul even while the body is going through boot camp regimen.

Structure House

Structure House gears it curriculum more toward the causes of weight gain whether they are due to behavior or from psychological conditions. Besides being a weight loss camp, it is a camp where people can explore the underlying causes of their obesity in addition to losing weight. This understanding will go with them throughout the following months, helping to prevent regaining the weight and falling back into old habits.

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