Do You Own Your House? Really?

The bedrock of a free society is a system of private property as well as the rights.

Being able to possess property and use it to prosper or do with as you please is what made this nation what it is now.
The first settlers to set up a permanent colony in the New World did thus in Jamestown, Virginia. The very first group consisted of 104 guys. Within 6 months their were just 38 still living.

A little less than 2 years after another 500 were sent over from England and again more than 3/4 of them perished. It’s recorded from eye witness reports, one being from a guy named George Percy, that these settlers perished of famine. They actually starved to death.

Comprehend this was a wealthy and productive land the settlers had settled upon. Close by verdant woodlands full of fowl, Oceans teeming with seafood and game and rich land that corn and other crops grew.

How could this occur with such industrious individuals. There are many theories. One picked a marshy place to settle in and could not locate fresh water or grow crops.

The more credible and reported motive was a dearth of work ethic. Yes, no one needed to work. The new World settlement had been set up by England as a collective society. A collective society where everyone worked for the good of everyone. Everything was set into a collective pool and redistributed by the Authorities.

The individuals of Jamestown did not actually have anything to work for, to strive for. There was nothing to reach so folks worked when they did not and felt like it when they did not feel like it. Shortly squabbles broke out as to who was not doing more work than who.

Working harder and more would be necessary in this kind of situation as the settlers were in to live. The trouble was there was no personal position in for the person.

There were also difficulties with the Indians. The famished settlers took to trading whatever they had with the Indians for a small corn. A number of them became sort of several resorted to larceny and servants to the Indians.

So the the first settlers of the New World did not work more difficult and they starved.

The British Government as well as a group of private investors had funded these operations and were frustrated with the results. They could not comprehend why this was occurring.

So, in 1611 the British sent over one Sir Thomas Doyle to serve as High Marshall of the Virginia colony. What he recorded when he arrived and discovered was that a lot of the settlers were not alive, had starved to death, as well as the ones that stayed mainly fought amongst themselves or playing games in the road.

What Doyle did laid the basis for what was to come and what makes our state a model and so successful. He began a private property system in the world that was brand new. Every guy was given 3 acres of property do with as he pleased and to work for himself. Almost instantly the colony started to prosper. The folks started to trade with each other, to support and feed and to trade with the Indians themselves.

A wonderful example of the prosperity and entrepreneurship derived from private property is John Rolfe. John Rolfe experimented with tobacco seeds. Tobacco became the first lucrative export out of the brand new colony. Many were to follow.

The same thing occurred many miles up the East coast when the Mayflower landed in Massachusetts.
This time William Bradford was sent to figure it out. Private property is what saved the adventurers.

Fast forward a century plus a half when our forefathers wrote about private property in our Bill of Rights as well as the Constitution. The 5th amendment says:

No man shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.

When the Government takes property from individuals they call it eminent domain.

What the 5th was initially intended for was acreage and property needed to run the Authorities. The Authorities wanted courthouses and building to function. During war time the Government may really have to confiscate property for the defense of the nation.

What eminent domain has become throughout time is a means for Authorities to redistribute property as they see fit under the guise of public good. Occasionally turning that land over to company that can make a bigger tax base and even taking houses under the eminent domain act.

Urban Renewal is an explanation for eminent domain. When the Government determines that a locality wants enhancing they sell or give the property to a developer and can choose your house. Blighted is the word here. When an area is recognized as blighted it gives the right to take it around to Authorities.

Case in point is Berman vs Parker in Washington DC, 1954. A blighted area was bought out but have to go and one department store did not need to sell. The shop was voted against by america Supreme court.

In 1981 the Michigan Supreme Court ruled against Poletown, a district in Detroit, and residences, companies, churches as well as a hospital were torn down to make way for a GM plant. In 2004 a distinct Michigan supreme court ruled the court was formerly incorrect. You can not take one persons property and give it to another.

Still, the damage was done.

The most well-known instance lately of Suzette Kelo vs The City of New London. The City needed to tear down a big place so the giant pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, could assemble there and possess the place across the buildings clear. Kelo lost as well as the areas were demolished. In the end Pfizer left behind vast fields of weeds, emptiness and empty buildings and left anyhow.

Our own Stadium here in Wichita Kansas was constructed using eminent domain. Whether you’re a stadium fanatic or not many companies were displaced. Some went out of business entirely and never returned to profitably. A Few were quite outspoken against eminent domain and were significantly overpaid with taxpayer dollars to calm them.

So there’s a history of the starts of private property rights as well as the mistreatment set upon those rights by Authorities..

The question is, is your property safe? You might not possess it? Do you feel comfortable understanding the Authorities take it from you for whatever motive and can swoop down at any moment?

And contemplate this. You conserve your funds work when your young and purchase an item of America. Your home and your own mortgage. Every month for 30 years you make a payment on such mortgage. A third of your own life working to pay your house off and eventually you own it free and clear. However do you actually possess it? Do you feel secure and safe understanding no matter what happens at least you’ve somewhere to call home?

As long as you pay your taxes on this property the Government lets you remain there. No, you do not actually possess it.

Consider this. You’ve your mortgage paid off and unexpectedly the market is throw into a downturn. You have lost your job through no fault of your own. Your economy dwindle to nothing and you can not pay the taxes on your house.

Now the place you worked for all your life so that you’ll be protected and safe is endangered. Eventually after you have exhausted all your legalities and are totally out of cash your house is sold by the Government to somebody else which may pay the taxes. Perhaps it’s time to go back to England and start your own Somerset Accommodation.

Who actually owns your house. Something to consider. Get involved in your Authorities.



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