Construction Safety US vs UK

When it comes to safety in the construction workplace, the Rand center for safety and Health in the workplace has previously concluded that if you are working within the construction industry in the US or UK, The UK is the place to be.

Statistics show that about eight construction workers out of every 100,000 die on the job each year, which sounds like a relatively good figure, until you look at the figures in Britain which looks to be about 2 out of 100,000. It’s a similar story for other countries in the European Union such as France, Finland, Sweden and Germany all have much lower workplace Fatalities.

Why is this? 

There are many reasons as to why construction safety is better in European countries. One of those reasons is that the EU has much stricter rules on construction design and management regulations which basically requires designers and architects to have safety plans directly on the design.

Falling accounts for some of the largest statistics of deaths and construction fatalities in the US. The UK has specific fall protection rules that help decrease any accidents.

So why doesn’t the US implement some of these changes? 

The US is a difficult place to get any changes made, one could say the body that governs these types of thing (OSHA) would have a very hard time trying to match the rules, they are almost paralyze

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